Bridge Street Phase 2, Leeds

LAAND was commissioned to provide planning support and develop landscape proposals for the 2nd phase of this exciting new residential development. The scheme designed by Simpson Haugh and Partners proposes 5 new towers to the Leeds Skyline (the tallest = 40 stories) will offer primarily residential units with a mix of tenures (including PRS) and sizes, commercial units for start-ups and new bars, restaurants and amenities for the local residents.  The architecture will be grounded within the public realm and tiered landscape of green walls, roofs,  and communal/private roof terraces. The design principles that frame the landscape  proposals are listed below:

  • Create an identity – A simple and bold layout with distinctive character areas that create a safe, accessible and attractive environment whilst linking neighbouring areas and green space.  A high quality external environment is provided through a palette of natural stones, quality finishes and furniture.  A public and private realm that responds to a textile concept and subtle historic references in the stone and water features.
  • Attractive + Welcoming – A pedestrian friendly environment that invites people to animate the spaces to make a collective place. A place that offers opportunities for activity, rest, meeting and business.  A colourful and verdant landscape that feels like home.
  • Activate the Streetscene – Introduce trees and planting to a unified hard landscape and sensitively designed thresholds to Gower, Bridge and Regent Streets.  Create a vibrant public realm route accentuating and providing opportunities for business and leisure units throughout the main axis of the development.  Improve the Bridge street underpass with sensitive restoration of the glazed tile facade and new accessible paving.
  • Create a strong green corridor + Enhance – Biodiversity Plant semi-mature trees with prairie style grasses, colourful flowers and seed-heads.  Contrast lush evergreens and seasonal colouration. Provide layers of planting, green roofs, green walls to stitch the levels together and create new habitats for the development. Continue to provide green, pedestrian friendly corridor linking Lovell Park and St Mary’s.

Project Details

Client: Heeton Holdings Ltd.

Date: 2016

Architect: Simpson Haugh and Partners